Seat testers, come on out.

Last week we had told you — with Metro’s blessing — that Metro was going to conduct some research on its new 7000 Series rail car seats by having riders come and sit in them.

Agency officials canceled the testing within hours after we put the word out. Turns out the researchers wanted a random sample of riders, not just the committed transit fans.

But now they are holding a testing session that runs from 6 p.m. to about 8 p.m. Wednesday at Metro Center, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said. We promised not to put the word out until 6 p.m. so they could get some randomized samples. He said we could let the masses know once it started. So head on out.

Here’s the deal:

Each of the new rail cars will have 62 or 64 seats, depending on which car they are in the train configuration. That’s fewer seats than on most of the agency’s current rail cars

But the new seats are curved steel, not the current foam rectangles, to give lumbar back support. They are covered with a layer of padding then vinyl.

The width of the seats is not changing, though. They will have a clear separation from the adjacent seat to make sure it’s clear whose space is whose.

The space under them will be open, giving room for luggage or service animals to sit.

 Also, if you miss Wednesday night's testing, Stessel said the agency plans to have other opportunities for riders to see the proposed seat design of the new rail cars, including some with more of a town-hall-type setting.