Metro will not be running trains, buses or MetroAccess vans on Monday due to the pending storm, the transit agency announced Sunday evening.

The unusual closure for the transit agency includes the below ground portion of the rail system, which typically stays open even during snow storms.

"Metro service will only be restored when it is safe to do so," the agency said in its announcement. "Following the storm, Metro personnel will need to perform a comprehensive damage assessment, including inspections of track, bridges, aerial structures, stations and facilities. Service restoration also will be contingent on adequate commercial power to support operations and repair of any storm-related damage."

MARC and Virginia Railway Express have also cancelled all commuter train service.

Metro is not the only subway system to shut down service premptively as the storm looms. New York City's subway system and Philadelphia's SEPTA system are also being shut down. Boston, so far, plans to maintain its service.