Transit agencies stand to benefit from a $50.7 billion federal relief bill for areas affected by Superstorm Sandy, but Metro is not one of them, despite losing about $5 million due to the storm.

The House passed a major relief bill Tuesday night that helps areas affected by the October storm that wiped out entire neighborhoods, flooded the New York subway system and much of New Jersey's transit network.

Metro was not included in the bill, agency spokesman Dan Stessel said. The transit agency is seeking some reimbursement from the federal government, though, for potentially eligible expenses. However, he said the amount would be end up being less than $500,000 -- if given.

The storm largely spared the Washington region and did not cause damage to the transit agency, but it did cost money. The agency had to pay overtime to crews to prepare and monitor the system. It also lost an estimated in $5 million in revenue by closing for the equivalent of 28 hours of normal service time on Oct. 29-30.