It's an art project that has come and gone and come back again.

A piece of large wall art at Metro's Farragut North station has reappeared after a brief absence last week.

And soon it should be finished as intended, this time with light-emitting-diode lights to project blue hues into the stairwell.

The art was taken down due to problems with its installation, according to Metro. There was never a safety concern with the art that looms next to the escalator at the K Street entrance, the agency said. But it had been up for months before being taken down, the latest in a long saga for the piece.

The artwork by Jefre Manuel was approved for the site in April 2009, as a donation made by the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District and the D.C. Commission on the Arts & Humanities.

It was then installed around November 2011, said the Golden Triangle BID's executive director Leona Agouridis said. But the finishing touch, connecting the electricity to the LED lights in it, was never done as the donors awaited a go-ahead from Metro, she said. The piece thus may have seemed a bit underwhelming without the lights, looking like a green glass amoeba.

The piece was taken down earlier this month, with scaffolding blocking one of the three escalators at the entrance.

It was reinstalled over the weekend at no expense for Metro, Metro spokeswoman Caroline Lukas said.

Metro had paid for the installation of the piece initially. But Metro could not provide the cost as it was part of an existing maintenance contract, she said.

Now the Golden Triangle BID can bring in an electrician to wire the remaining part. "It's going to be really beautiful when it's done," Agouridis said.