A new study that says Metro's Green Line is the District's leading economic development corridor is set to be released Thursday at the Capitol Riverfront's annual meeting. The study is big news for a long-underserved and forgotten area south of the U.S. Capitol.

The study was commissioned by the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District, which is hosting the annual meeting Thursday. According to the Associated Press, the study looks at the changes in the area from Petworth to the Navy Yard-Ballpark station during the 2000s.

The Washington Examiner has previously reported about how surges in development have led to drastic changes in population and cost of living for longtime residents of the areas around Petworth, Park View and Shaw. Neighborhoods where Latinos and blacks had long been the dominant population are now seeing an equal if not greater portion of white residents. In other words, gentrification has its costs.

The ballpark neighborhood, however, is a different story as it was a largely industrial area.