Metro riders experienced their first taste of the new Rush Plus service during their Monday morning commutes.

It was just one commute out of many to come in which some trains are running on different color tracks.

Operationally, it went as planned, according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. The system had two delays unrelated to Rush Plus, he said, but ones that led to delays for riders with a sick customer at Federal Triangle on the Orange Line and a door problem on the Yellow Line at Pentagon.

But elsewhere there was a different problem: confusion as to what was happening. The Rush Plus system is moving some Blue trains onto the Yellow Line and some Orange Line trains onto the east end of the Blue Line, all part of a move to make way for the new Silver Line under construction.

Metro plastered new maps around the rail system showing the change. It ran a $400,000 information campaign to get the word out, including $165,000 in fliers and materials. 

“There is another element: the human factor,” Stessel added.

He compared it to when construction changes traffic lanes on a road, noting it takes a few days for drivers to adjust.

“We’ll give it a few days before making any detailed pronouncements,” he said. 

For those with questions, here's our guide to Rush Plus, including a video.