A Mexican artist will build a wall with the help of fellow illegal immigrants and then tear it down as part of a politically charged art exhibit in New York City.

Bosco Sodi, a painter born in Mexico City, and a team of collaborators will create the six-foot high wall installation in a city park in September and then allow visitors to disassemble the installation and take pieces home, the New York Times reported.

The public exhibit is a recalcitrant reference to President Trump's proposal to build a wall along the Mexico border to keep out illegal immigrants. It's a symbolic dismantling of Trump's policy partly by the people that policy is intended to control.

Sodi told the Times that the wall has political significance because the "timbers" were made of clay from Oaxaca, Mexico, and were fired by people who had entered the United States illegally.

"I wanted to create a wall made by Mexicans with Mexican earth," Sodi told the newspaper. "Then the disappearance of the wall will be by the community and all kinds of people who visit the park."