In a record low, just 5 percent of Mexicans seem to like President Trump, and that is dragging down their approval of the United States, according to a new survey.

"Over the past decade, U.S. presidents have gotten mixed or negative reviews in Mexico, but at 5 percent, Trump registers the lowest confidence rating of any U.S. leader in Mexico since Pew Research Center began surveying there," said the Pew Research Center Monday.

The drop comes as fewer Mexicans are trying to get into the United States legally and illegally, worried that they will be quickly caught and deported. The president is also promising to build a border wall and pledging that Mexico will pay for it one way or the other.

The new data shows that Mexicans generally liked former President Obama and gave the U.S. equally high approval ratings.

When Obama left office, the favorability by Mexicans of the United States was 66 percent. It has been cut in half to 30 percent.

Mexico City recently hosted a huge anti-Trump protest parade and a leading candidate for president is running on an anti-Trump and anti-wall platform.

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