Mexico's top governor has pledged to defend a so-called "Dreamer" deported from the United States and help win back the illegal immigrant's "right" to be inside the United

Gov. Graco Ramirez of the Mexican state of Morelos, and the head of the National Conference of Governors of Mexico, said that the deportation was wrong and part of the Trump administration's bid to bust former President Obama's immigration deals.

"This speaks again of the precedents that are being set in this aggressive action of the North American government against Mexican migrants," he said in an El Universal newspaper story highlighted Thursday by the Center for Immigration Studies' Kausha Luna.

She tweeted the story this way: "MX governor says legal support will be provided for deported 'dreamer' and will defend his 'right' to be in the US."

The deportation of Juan Manuel Montes, 23, who was protected under the Obama era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, is expected to be decided by the same federal judge who President Trump criticized during his campaign.

In the case, Montes may not have told U.S. authorities that he was going back to Mexico. And when he returned, he lacked proper paperwork and was deported.

Ramirez said, "let's get in touch with him and defend him." He added, "we are with you paisano."

He said he helped another Dreamer win release, Daniel Ramirez Medina.

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