Just when you thought the presidential campaign couldn't get any weirder, MoveOn.org has teamed with Hollywood's Michael Moore for an anti-Romney video stamped "Not Safe For Work" because it features elderly Americans from "the Greatest Generation" using profanity-laced language to threaten Romney voters.

One woman described as "Marie, 97," promises to burn this [expletive deleted] down" if Romney is elected. An elderly man threatens that if Romney wins, he will look down from Heaven at "kids" and "Democrats" having sex.

The bizarre video takes place at "Rosebud Nursing Home" in a game room where tables are covered with bingo and checkers boards. The video is targeted at alleged GOP voter supression and steers supporters to www.votersrising.org. There is a bleeped version to watch from Moore, a regular MoveOn partner. For the record, MoveOn calls the video "hilarious."

The MoveOn release came with this email from Moore:

From: Michael Moore

Date: Mon, Oct 29, 2012

Subject: I don't want any doubt

Dear MoveOn member,

I don't just want Mitt Romney to lose on November 6th--I want there to be no doubt about it.

See, if this race ends up as close as the polls say it will, Republican voter suppression and intimidation could make all the difference--the difference between a second Obama term and all of us getting used to saying "President Romney."

I don't want to get used to that. Do you? And we don't have to. If we all step it up this week and create a surge of grassroots people power by hitting the phones, knocking on doors, and getting every last progressive voter to the polls, we'll win by enough to overcome the Republican effort to steal the election.

MoveOn members are volunteering to talk to voters in Lancaster on Thursday at 5:00 PM. Can you join them?

I was born in an America where, because of race or money, many people couldn't vote. I never thought we'd go back to that, but that's exactly where today's Republican Party is taking us. They passed racist voter suppression laws in key states, they've run ad campaigns to scare people in low-income neighborhoods out of voting, and now they're training activists by the thousands to intimidate progressive voters at the polls on election day.

So let's win big. Let's make sure no state comes down to a handful of votes. Let's make sure this election doesn't get decided by the courts--especially not the Supreme Court.

I'm going to be out there every day between now and the election making sure voters know what's at stake, know how to go vote, and know their rights at the polls.

I like saying "President Obama." I don't want to learn anything new. Please, join in before it's too late.


-Michael Moore

P.S. This week I've produced something very special with MoveOn.org--a new video where members of our Greatest Generation explain how they've done their part to preserve this country's values, but that now it's our turn. They're very...direct. You definitely shouldn't watch it at work (and if you're easily offended, you might want to skip it, or watch the bleeped version). Please check it out--it brings this home in a way I guarantee you've never heard before.

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