During a public conversation about gun violence with MoveOn.org, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore mocked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for dropping the assault weapons ban from the larger gun control bill.

Moore turned his voice into a wheedling whine as he shared Reid’s reasons for dropping the controversial gun control measure.

“How many times have we had to watch Democrats without a spine stand there and behave like that?” Moore raged. “We are sick and tired of it!”

Moore boasted that because of his Twitter war against Reid, the Senate majority leader clarified that he was going to allow a vote on the bill although it still wouldn’t be added to the larger gun bill.

Moore chose Sen. Jon Tester as his next target, asking the audience to start sending Twitter messages to the Montana Senator demanding that he support the assault weapons ban.

“For those of you watching at home do not be afraid, Twitter will not hurt you,” Moore joked.