Retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann says it's time to consider campaign spending limits, saying the levels of money raised and spent by candidates in recent elections have gotten out of whack.

“I believe that it is ridiculous the amount of money we’re spending on these elections; it’s gone into the realm of the bizarre and absurd, and even for Washington, D.C., standards,” the Minnesota Republican said Wednesday during an event hosted by the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington.

Bachmann's comments come four years after raising $13 million for her successful 2010 re-election bid to the House.

“That’s crazy money. That’s crazy that any candidate should have to raise that kind of money,” she said.

The Tea Party favorite suggested that campaign spending by outside groups was corrupting politics and silencing the voice of average Americans.

“Money is buying influence rather than real people going to the polls. So one [solution] would be limits, like caps on how much could be spent,” she said.

The lawmaker says limits that Minnesota places on candidates running for state offices, for example, have worked well.

“There’s things that we can do, but what we are doing now isn’t working,’’ she said. “It’s leading to a game of bigger and better, and we’re at the point of bizarre and absurd.”