Conservative blogger and website entrepreneur Michelle Malkin praised Buzzfeed writer McKay Coppins for exposing Donald Trump as a phony conservative.

"Buzzfeed, I salute you," Malkin noted on Twitter, noting that the site effectively exposed Trump as a "clown."

Malkin scoffed at Trump for including Maureen Dowd and Bob Schieffer among his favorite journalists.

"Yes, he's speaking at CPAC," Malkin added disapprovingly.

"What drives Clown Trump?" she asked. "NOT conservative principles, but a vainglorious desire for constant validation."

Malkin has been a frequent critic of Trump, calling him a “conservafraud” who supported President Obama's stimulus bill, socialized medicine and the Kelo eminent domain Supreme Court decision.

In return, Trump has called Malkin a "dummy" and a "loser" who was "born stupid."