In Gainesville, Fla., First Lady Michelle Obama told voters yesterday that she was proud of her husband for rejecting a job in the private sector and choosing instead to help others.

Explaining that the president was “charming, talented and very wicked smart,” Michelle added that she fell in love with him because of his character.

“See, I loved that Barack was so committed to serving others that he turned down high-paying jobs, and instead started his career fighting to get folks back to work in struggling communities,” she said to applause from the crowd, “I respected that.”

The First Lady reminded the crowd of the president’s upbringing and explaining how it connected with her own values she learned growing up in a middle class family in Chicago.

“We learned that no one gets where they are on their own — no one; that each of us has a community of people lifting us up, every single one of us – from the teachers who inspired us to the janitors who kept our schools clean,” she said.