During an anti-obesity speech this afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama explained to parents that they should not engage in bad eating habits because of the impact that it would have on their children.

“We know that we can’t lie around on the couch eating french fries and candy bars and expect our kids to eat carrots and run around the block,” she said, citing research that showed that kids that have one obese parent or more are more than twice as likely to be obese themselves.

The First Lady reminded the audience that parents shouldn't tell their children to "do what we say and not as we do."

"We're skipping the gym so that we can drive the kids to school in the morning, we're eating fast food at lunch so that we have time afterwards to pick up something decent for dinner," she warned, reminding parents not neglect their own health.

Michelle Obama added that she imagined a future where healthy foods were clearly labeled in the grocery stores and on menus.

"Imagine our kids begging and pleading, throwing tantrums, to get you to buy more fruits and vegetables and whole grains," she cried. "Yes! This is possible! It is possible to create this world!"