Michelle Obama is taking her spring break trip to Japan and Cambodia this month, a global trip to promote education for girls.

The White House on Tuesday said Obama will travel to Japan and Cambodia from March 18-22. They will visit Tokyo on March 18-19, Kyoto on March 20, and Siem Reap on March 21-22.

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She will not be traveling with her daughters. An earlier version of this story quoted Japanese news reports from the Foreign Ministry saying Sasha and Malia were accompanying her mother during their spring break.

Last year, the first lady, her daughters and mother, who cares for her grandchildren in the White House, traveled to China for a mostly uneventful trip.

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Costs of the first family's trip have been controversial. The first lady's group, for example, spent $222,000 for just two days of hotel expenses during part of their China trip last year.

Judicial Watch, the taxpayer watchdog group, estimated that the Obama vacation tab as of mid-2014 was over $44 million. And that estimate doesn't include the millions of dollars in costs for security and communications hidden from the public.

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During this trip, the first family will be promoting the "Let Girls Learn Initiative" and a related Peace Corps program. Below is the White House announcement:

As Part of the Let Girls Learn Initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama to Travel to Japan and Cambodia March 18-22

Tokyo, Japan; Kyoto, Japan; Siem Reap, Cambodia

Coming on the heels of the President and First Lady's launch of the Let Girls Learn international girls education initiative, Mrs. Obama will travel to Japan and Cambodia from March 18-22, 2015. She will visit Tokyo on March 18-19, Kyoto on March 20, and Siem Reap on March 21-22. She will be joined by Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet for the trip. While in Japan, the First Lady will highlight the importance both countries place on international girls education, and the plans to deepen our partnership on this issue through development programs and collaboration between the Peace Corps and Japan's Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. The First Lady will then travel to Cambodia, one of the first 11 countries to be included in the Let Girls Learn Peace Corps initiative in the program's first year. In Cambodia, Mrs. Obama and Peace Corps Director Hessler-Radelet will see up close how community-driven solutions are changing girls' lives, a key component of the Let Girls Learn Peace Corps program.

Additional details about the First Lady's trip are forthcoming.

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