Michelle Obama, how does your garden grow? The White House garden already produced its first meal, harvested and eaten on Tuesday by the first lady and a group of elementary school kids.

The first lady, dressed to kneel in the dirt wearing a casual yellow blouse and black pants, showed off her (slow) vegetable dicing skills and impromptu "making some pizza" dance near a team of White House chefs with grills set up on the South Lawn.

Obama encouraged the kids to go heavy with cheese on their veggie flatbread pizzas, but White House Assistant Chef Sam Kass warned there was no getting out of eating the salad.

Obama also highlighted the beds of club wheat and bread wheat -- a first for the White House kitchen garden -- just planted in April but now "growing like gangbusters," she said. The wheat isn't ready for harvesting just yet, but Obama has big plans for it.

"We may even have bread one day, our own White House bread," she said.