It barely feels like spring in the District, but it's officially planting season at the White House.

Michelle Obama, hair up and wearing no socks with her Converse sneakers, got down in the dirt of the South Lawn with two elementary school students to plant a bed of spinach and two varieties of wheat. The wheat is new to the White House garden this year, confirmed White House Chef Sam Kass, who oversaw Thursday's planting.

"The wheat's new and we'll have some more surprises later on this summer," he promised Yeas & Nays, although he refused to reveal details. An apple tree is also new this year.

The 2013 garden boasts variety, from basic lettuce, potatoes, cauliflower, garlic, spearmint and radishes to the more unusual tatsoi, kohlrabi, fennel and sorrel.

"There's no decision to not plant something, but you know, we roll it over. We try different things," Kass said.

Obama signed T-shirts for the volunteers -- including all the kids, who represent schools from Vermont, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Florida and D.C., and several adults -- and we heard her telling one child who asked about Sasha and Malia that her daughters are "not as into the garden as I am."