First lady Michelle Obama on Wednesday announced a new online initiative to help military members and veterans find new jobs in the private sector.

The new online Veterans Employment Center at includes tools to help "translate military skills into the civilian workforce," the White House said.

Veterans, servicemembers leaving the military and their spouses can upload resumes, connect with both public and private-sector employers and access career resources.

“Our service members haven’t always had the time or information they needed to prepare their resumes, to plot their career goals, to meet with employers and get the jobs they deserve. And that’s simply not acceptable,” said Mrs. Obama in a statement. “As my husband has said, when you’ve fought for this country around the world, you shouldn’t have to fight for a job when you return home.

“Starting today, every single service member, every veteran, and every military family will have access to a new online tool that will revolutionize how you find jobs in both the public and private sectors,” she added.

The initiative is the latest step from the administration to tackle the high unemployment rate for the nation's veterans.

The first lady and Jill Biden joined troops and military families at Fort Campbell for a jobs summit on Wednesday. Earlier this month, the two marked the third anniversary of their Joining Forces initiative which looks to help veterans and military spouses find jobs.

More than 540,000 veterans and spouses have been hired by companies working with the program, the first lady announced in a tweet.

With the nation winding down the war in Afghanistan, President Obama has called for a renewed focus on helping former servicemembers transition to civilian life.