A new survey by the St. Louis-based moving company United Van Lines shows that net migration out of Michigan has stopped after 16 straight years of more people moving out than moving in. The data is a cautiously hopeful sign that the Wolverine State is poised to grow again.

The survey was previewed to the Associated Press. It shows that Michigan has stabilized after years of losses. Between 2006 and 2009, it lead the nation in outbound migration. Detroit's population in particular shrank as the city fell into decline.

The AP report does not indicate what has prompted the change. But Michigan has made several moves in recent years to improve its business climate. These include adopting a right to work law earlier this year and, in 2011, reforming its business tax code to, among other things, exempt most small businesses.

The survey found that Oregon was the nation's top moving destination for 2013, with the Carolinas, South Dakota and the District of Columbia rounding out the top five.