Snowed-in Michigan roads and trails don't seem to stop Rep. Bill Huizenga from making the rounds. This week, the Grand Rapids area Republican hopped on a snowmobile to reach houses and businesses in his district that hugs Lake Michigan.

Touring on trails through the Manistee National Forest during the President's Day recess gave him a chance to meet with distant voters, promote the snowmobile trail's benefit to local commerce, and have a little fun. And along the way he even had a close-up view of America's symbol when a bald eagle came within 10 feet.

Not many lawmakers have a chance to tour on a snowmobile, but it seems to come naturally to Huizenga.

"We've seen access to the national forests threatened. These 'crossroad communities' rely on having access to the forest to survive," he told Secrets. "The best thing about touring the district on a snowmobile is I get to meet constituents who would not normally show up at a traditional town hall meeting. It's just a great and unique way to stay connected to the entire district."