Bill Clinton escaped the Monica Lewinsky scandal "pretty clean," MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski said while discussing the possibility that his White House years could dog Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

"I've always been torn about how easily Bill Clinton has been treated about this whole thing," Brzezinski said. "You can't deny that that was reprehensible, what happened, and defied so many morals that we stand by in this country in terms of how you treat women, other people's children. ... Do you disagree that he did something utterly terrible and got off pretty clean?" she asked, turning to Al Sharpton.

"I don't think Bill Clinton disagrees that what he did was wrong," Sharpton replied. "If the shot is to try to bring this back up to take a shot at Hillary Clinton, I think her posture is much different."

When Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough asked if Bill Clinton's behavior would "compromise" his wife's ability to accuse Republicans of misogyny, Brzezinski interjected, "I think it's a legitimate argument."

Time Magazine's Mark Halperin allowed that "the media does" have a responsibility to ask Clinton about how women were treated in the White House.

Brzezinski and Sharpton agreed that if Republicans tried to attack Hillary Clinton on the topic, it would drive female voters to her because she was being betrayed in those scandals.

The conversation took place apropos of comments made Sunday by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who was asked about his wife's belief that Bill Clinton's mistreatment of women will damage Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

“I mean, the Democrats, one of their big issues is they have concocted and said Republicans are committing a war on women," Paul replied to NBC's David Gregory. "One of the workplace laws and rules that I think are good is that bosses shouldn't prey on young interns in their office.”

Paul said that the Monica Lewinsky scandal would not be a 2016 campaign issue, though. “I'm not saying that," he said when asked if it would damage Hillary Clinton's bid. "This is with regard to the Clintons, and sometimes it's hard to separate one from the other. But I would say that, with regard to his place in history, that it certainly is a discussion."