“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski took former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul to task Monday for bringing up former President Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

“Any Republican who is bringing this up and dredging this up is a misogynistic, sexist hypocrite,” Mika said, after asking Time magazine's Mark Halperin if Clinton could win a presidential election again. “Because if Bill Clinton can win again with all these problems, and Hillary Clinton, they can bring down because of this and they think they can even go after it, they are clueless, and they are complete sexists because it's not even her affair.”

So, bringing up Bill Clinton’s past misogyny and sexism is itself misogynistic and sexist?

Now, I don't believe that spouses should be fair game in elections, and I think there are more legitimate criticisms of Hillary Clinton than what her husband did nearly two decades ago, but given Democrats' constant “war on women” griping, the hypocrisy is notable.

If Democrats want to keep that meme going, it’s probably best not to worship a man who epitomizes the “war on women.”