Things are working out for Mike Brown.

The Cleveland Cavaliers ran him out of town in 2010 in their futile scramble to appease Le?Bron James. Brown, who'd ridden James to the NBA finals, two 60-win seasons and the 2009 NBA coach of the year award, had no trouble finding work, landing with the Los Angeles Lakers one season later. It was a blessing and a curse: He was doomed from the start and fired five games into this season after reaching last year's Western Conference semifinals.

According to reports, now he's headed back to the Cavaliers, who are set to sign him for five more years and cover some portion of the $11 million the Lakers still owe him.

Apparently, Brown had intended to move back to Cleveland anyway, but NBA coaching jobs, even bad ones, are always a rare commodity. The only question remaining is whether James makes the reunion complete when he becomes a free agent in 2014.

- Craig Stouffer