Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, is thought in some quarters as a bit more pragmatic and less bombastic than his fellow Tea Party senators, but he was able to soften his Image by bringing some laughs to the Media Research Center’s annual gala Thursday evening.

Called “The heart and the soul of the conservative movement” by Media Research Center president Brent Bozell, Lee accepted the “Damn Those Conservatives to Hell Award” on behalf of winner Jonathan Alter (for Alter's infamous claim during the 2012 campaign that people would die if Mitt Romney was elected president and Obamacare was repealed).

Lee, who like Romney is a Mormon, said he thought he was selected to accept the award because the Center “needed a Mormon to demonstrate that not all Mormons are in fact murderers,” and to see if they could get a Mormon to swear.

Lee did not swear, and instead said he was accepting the “gosh darn all conservatives to heck award.”

Lee also said that his acceptance speech would last “exactly 21 hours and 19 minutes,” the same amount of time that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, spoke during his filibuster speech earlier this week in which Lee also participated.

Alter's statement also earned him the top prize of the night - the “Quote of the Year” award. Upon learning that he had won, Alter tweeted Friday, “I won grand prize from rightwing Newsbusters for saying in '12 that repealing [Obamacare] would lead to death. Yeah!”

The MRC has hosted an annual “Dis-Honors Awards” gala for the past 26 years, in which it makes great fun of extreme cases of liberal bias in the traditional media.

Other award winners included HBO host Bill Maher (for the “Barbra Streisand Celebrity Dumba** Award), MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry (the “Dan Rather Memorial Award for the Stupidest Analysis”) and MSNBC host Chris Matthews (the “Puppy Love Award,” which could be rechristened "The Tingler Award").