As congressional lawmakers face an on-going government shutdown and a looming debt limit deadline, Sen. Mike Lee wants to know what Senate Republicans should do next.

Lee, R-Utah, and Sen. Ted Cruz, R- Texas, were at the forefront of conservatives' fight to weaken the Affordable Care Act as part of a deal to reauthorize necessary government funding. Republican obstruction in that fight led to the government shutting down more than a week ago.

But with Republicans and Democrats still stalemated, Lee send a four-question survey to his political supporters ask what they think should happen next.

The first question was "Should Obamacare be defunded in the 2014 federal budget?" Possible answers include: "Yes, Obamacare is a disaster, and it must be defunded to save the country from its damaging impact"; "No, Obamacare is a vital government program that should be fully implemented right now"; and "undecided."

The survey also asked whether Republicans should "surrender" and "fund everything the president wants," who is responsible for the government shutdown, and what Senate Republicans should do next.

For the final question, choices included: "Hold the line on Obamacare until the Democrats defund it"; "Throw in the towel"; and "Continue to work to fund government and not fund Obamacare".

Submitting the survey redirects visitors to a donation prompt.