NBC Sports Network hockey analyst Mike Milbury has a widely detailed history of bashing Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin. A quick YouTube search provides the details. Milbury was at it again Wednesday night during his network's broadcast of the Caps' 4-1 loss at Philadelphia.

No question it wasn't a good night for Washington, and Ovechkin hadn't produced through the first two periods. But Milbury, in a remarkable two-minute rant during the second intermission, said that as a superstar Ovechkin "fails the test miserably," described his early effort Wednesday as "an awful display of hockey" and said that "he should be ashamed of himself."

And he wasn't done. NBC showed a clip that Milbury described as Ovechkin showing "no fight" and all but screamed that he doesn't "have to act like a baby" after taking a stick to the face. Other phrases used included "he should be embarrassed by this" and "inexcusable behavior."

It would be easier to take Milbury seriously if Ovechkin hadn't been a dominant force on the ice twice in the previous six days. Criticism is fine. This was cartoonish television shtick.

- Brian McNally