Vice President Mike Pence pushed back on the accuracy of a book about the Trump White House on Monday, calling the bestseller a "book of fiction."

"It really is remarkable to hear some of the commentary that has taken place, particularly in the last week, when clearly a book of fiction made its way into the national debate," Pence told conservative commentator Dana Loesch in an interview on Monday.

"I can tell you, I've not read the book," Pence said. "I have no intention of reading it, but excerpts that I've heard reported bear absolutely no resemblance to the president that I spend three, four, five hours a day with every day."

The book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, has sparked a fierce debate about President Trump's mental state and private behavior since it hit shelves on Friday. Its author, Michael Wolff, has defended the book amid criticism of his fact-checking method and allegations that he refused to honor off-the-record agreements with current and former White House aides.

Trump's team has aggressively disputed much of the book, calling it "tabloid trash" and dismissing its characterization of Trump's mental state as "disgraceful and laughable."

"I have to tell you, you know the president and I have become very close," Pence said on Monday. "I'm obviously very fond of him, but serving with him every day, spending hours every day in the Oval Office, in one meeting after another — I just wish every American could see what I've seen in the last year. And it would give them absolute confidence that for all that we've done in the last year, we really are just getting started. And before the next seven years is out, we're going to make America great again."