CIA Director Mike Pompeo expects that Russian operatives will target the midterm elections in November given there hasn't been a letup in Kremlin subversion in the U.S. or Europe since the 2016 cycle.

"I haven't seen a significant decrease in their activity," Pompeo told the BBC Monday, despite recent counterterrorism cooperation in which the CIA helped to thwart a plot in St. Petersburg in 2017.

"I have every expectation that they will continue to try and do that, but I'm confident that America will be able to have a free and fair election [and] that we will push back in a way that is sufficiently robust that the impact they have on our election won't be great," Pompeo continued, when asked directly about his concerns Russia would try to meddle in the midterms.

It's the view of the intelligence community that the Russian government ordered an influence campaign to interfere in the 2016 American presidential election and eventually developed a preference for President Trump over his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.

The campaign has resulted in multiple congressional investigations and an investigation run by special counsel Robert Mueller.

The intelligence community was involved in attempts to identify and suppress sources of subversive activity but it was not in the CIA's purview to assist with the verification of information, Pompeo, a former Republican congressman from Kansas, said.

He added that North Korea may build the technological capabilities to strike the homeland with nuclear missiles "in a handful of months."