Former heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson says Obamacare has been knocked out.

In a wide-ranging interview on Wednesday with CNN's Piers Morgan, the boxer weighed in on the botched rollout of President Obama's signature achievement.

“This thing really, it just really went horrible,” said Tyson. “Its really, it’s really bad.”

He said that while he was supportive of Obamacare’s aims, the implementation, which has seen the website riddled with technical problems and millions seeing their plans cancelled, had undermined the entire law.

“I was for it a 100 percent but we just have to come to the reality that it didn't work,” said Tyson, noting that many who needed health insurance were still unable to sign up for it.

“But the reality of this plan -- it didn't work. So we have to find another plan,” he added.

The Obama administration has vowed that the online website registering consumers in new health exchanges will be working smoothly for most people by the end of the month.

The president has also offered an executive “fix” to help Americans whose current coverage is being dropped because of new Obamacare requirements, but insurers are hesitant to sign on and say it will cause more difficulties.

The rocky Obamacare rollout has hit the president in the polls, with Obama registering his lowest approval ratings.