Just because she's crowned a new queen and moved on to college, doesn't mean Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan has given up doing good deeds. We hear that Scanlan, who attends school locally at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Va., was going through a McDonald's drive-thru in the small town just before Thanksgiving and, in an act of goodwill, bought the next person in line's meal.

That person was Jennifer Helbert, the town's clerk, who was so moved that she wrote a letter to the editor about the exchange in her local paper. "I recognized her once she rolled the window down," Helbert told Yeas & Nays. Scanlan's order got held up so Helbert was able to run over and thank her. "She said, 'I believe everybody should have something nice done for them every day,' " Helbert recalled. "I reached in and gave her a hug."

And to continue the trend, Helbert did the same thing a couple days later. "I have done that, for someone in a vehicle behind me at a drive-thru," she said. "They didn't know me and I just took off."