The Democratic Missouri lawmaker who said on social media she hoped President Trump would be assassinated was publicly censured by the state's Republican-led Senate Wednesday.

"Again, I apologize for the Facebook posting," Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal said in a statement released to local media after the reprimand measure passed the Missouri Senate 28-2. "However, I have made it clear that I will not resign. The voters of my district elected me to represent them. I will work tirelessly for the remainder of my elected term to bring about positive change for my constituents and all Missourians."

The same legislative body failed to pass a measure expelling Chappelle-Nadal from the upper chamber.

In August, Chappelle-Nadal wrote in a now-deleted comment on her private Facebook page that she wished Trump would be killed to end to his presidency, with the remarks prompting calls for her to step down.

But while Chappelle-Nadal received a formal legislative punishment, another Missouri lawmaker who said activists desecrating Confederate monuments should be "hung from a tall tree with a long rope" will only face the state's bipartisan House of Representatives Ethics Committee panel over his matter, per House Speaker Todd Richardson.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, again written in August, Republican Rep. Warren Love specifically referred to the defacing of a Civil War memorial in Missouri's Springfield National Cemetery and faced mounting pressure to also resign.

Love has been allowed to continue serving on his assigned committees, whereas Chappelle-Nadal was removed from hers, the Associated Press reported.