In this election cycle, as he has sought re-election and hit back against some insurgent outside groups, Sen. Mitch McConnell has adopted the motto, repeated often in interviews, "winners make policy and losers go home."

But McConnell, the Senate's top Republican, put a new, inadvertent twist on that motto during a recent campaign stop in Kentucky.

"Losers make policy, and winners go home," McConnell said.

Video of McConnell's gaffe was posted to YouTube by the campaign of his Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Grimes, 35, a first-time candidate for federal office, has attempted to draw a contrast in the race with McConnell, 72, who is Kentucky's longest-serving senator ever.

"35 is my age, that's also Sen. McConnell's approval rating," Grimes said during a speech at Fancy Farm, an annual political event in Kentucky.

McConnell's gaffe might help Grimes' campaign insinuate that McConnell is no longer as polished a politician as in previous election cycles. At the very least, it could be short-term Internet fodder.

But perhaps McConnell's rhetorical inversion was a Freudian slip: policymakers in Congress have suffered historically low approval ratings for months, after all, and a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll found that most Americans disapprove of their member of Congress, for the first time since that poll has been conducted.