Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said it’s “impossible” to craft a bill that cuts taxes for everyone in the middle class, but the bill passed by the Senate Saturday morning comes as close as possible.

McConnell said on “Face The Nation” Sunday the tax reform bill that squeaked through the Senate in the early morning hours Saturday doesn’t guarantee a tax cut for everyone because that kind of legislation simply isn’t possible.

“Well, it’s impossible to do that. You can't craft any bill that would guarantee no one was in a special category that might get a tax increase,” McConnell said when asked why not make the bill cut taxes for all the middle class. “What I can tell you is that every segment of taxpayers, every category of taxpayers on average gets significant relief.”

But, the real question is how the bill will impact most people, McConnell said. And, on that point, he argued it’s going to help the average American.

“The question is whether you’re getting tax relief. Of course, people on the lower end don't provide a huge percentage of the revenue that we raise through taxation,” he said.

“What people want is, 'Am I going to get relief myself?' Answer, overwhelmingly, [you’re] likely to. And, 'Is my job likely to continue to be in the United States? Are we going to have a growing economy so my children will be able to realize the same goals and aspirations that I want them to have?' And this is designed to get the economy growing. We didn't have single year, 3 percent growth during all the Obama years. We were clearly underperforming. You have to ask the question, why? Combination of over-regulation and a lousy tax code.”

McConnell also brushed off Democratic concerns about the process the bill went through before it was passed, including a major rewrite of the legislation that was released hours before the vote was eventually taken.

Democratic lawmakers complained they didn’t have enough time to review the bill and they’re not sure what hidden giveaways to corporations are in the bill.

McConnell said those concerns are unfounded.

“Not true. We followed the regular order, multiple hearings, Democrats were there, days of hearings, days of amendments, Democrats offered amendments in committee ad nauseum,” he said.

“The process on the floor, the reconciliation process is regular order, that is how they passed Obamacare. We didn't do anything that you could call a foul on process. Let me just say they didn't like the fact that we repealed the unpopular individual mandate from Obamacare, but yet they didn't offer single amendment to take it out and they had the opportunity to do that.”