Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is far from worried about threats made by Steven Bannon to depose him as majority leader, even laughing at the idea.

Bannon, a former White House a chief strategist, told the New York Times one of his primary objectives is to get McConnell kicked out of his position by this time next year.

The Kentucky Republican laughed when asked about it in an interview with the Times.

“You can write that down,” McConnell said. “I laughed. Ha-ha. That’s a perfect response.”

McConnell went on to tell the Times that Bannon and that wing of the party is good at “nominating people who lose in November.”

“When they prevail, and they haven’t done that in recent years, we lose, and our intention in 2018 is they will not prevail anywhere,” McConnell said, adding Bannon’s efforts would only help Democrats secure the majority.

Bannon has long said he wants McConnell ousted as leader and has also waged a long campaign to tarnish House Speaker Paul Ryan’s image among Republicans through his website, Breitbart News.

Bannon backed Roy Moore, who is now facing child molestation allegations, in the Republican primary for Alabama’s open Senate seat, bucking party establishment, who supported Sen. Luther Strange. There are a number of sitting senators Bannon is hoping to challenge in primaries ahead of the general election in 2018.