Well, glad that’s cleared up.

And seriously, why was anyone asking these two? One, a twice-failed presidential candidate and the other, the mayor of the murder capital of the U.S.

Mitt Romney on Sunday told NBC “Meet the Press” host David Gregory that the former 2012 presidential candidate is “not running for president” in 2016.

After Gregory reminded the former governor of Massachusetts that President Reagan ran three times, Romney responded:

“You know, I'm not Ronald Reagan. I think that's been pointed out to me before,” Romney said. “And I'm not running for president. We've got some very good people who are considering the race, and I'm looking forward to supporting someone who I think will have the best shot of defeating whoever it is the Democrats put up.”

And on Friday, a Financial Times magazine profile of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made clear that President Obama's former chief of staff was not interested in occupying the White House either.

“I am done. Period,” Emanuel said. “I have achieved my lifetime’s ambition.”

2008 and 2012 called – they’re thanking these two.