A 27-year-old Northern Virginia man has been arrested on charges of attempting to transport a 12-year-old girl across state lines after the child's mother called police.

According to charging documents filed in federal court in D.C., the mother called Alexandria police on April 16 after her daughter told her she had met a man online.

The child told detectives that she downloaded a dating site application Zoosk to her Ipod so that she could chat with individuals on the site without paying. She said the man picked her up and took her to a parking lot where he had sex with her.

Undercover detectives took over the girl's account and began to communicate with the man, later identified by police as Nicholas Wayne Hanlon, of Stafford.

Over the course of several days, Hanlon and the undercover detective wrote back and forth, making plans for a secret rendezvous, documents said. The man described in explicit detail what sex acts that he and the girl would perform.

During the online discussions, the two discussed mundane topics like her dislike for homework, difficulties with her mother and the girl's upcoming 13th birthday

But they also engaged in explicit talk about sex acts.

The man made arrangements to pick up the girl Thursday evening at a relative's house in D.C., and drive back to her family's house in Alexandria, where no one else would be home, documents said. She asked him to bring her gummy bears.

He told her not to get dolled up.

"Remember, you're changing when I get you back home so don't worry about what you're wearing... (Happy face)," the document said.

At the arranged meeting time, Hanlon messaged that he could not find parking, and circled the block several times as law enforcement officials watched.

After several laps, police arrested Hanlon. Police found three large bags of gummy bears.

Hanlon was charged with attempting to transport a child across state lines to engage in sex. He faces 10 years to life if convicted.