Financial guru Suze Orman says she loves former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but is choosing rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren instead for 2016.

In an interview with's "Larry King Now," the influential and popular financial speaker said that she would choose Warren over Clinton "hands down. She is the real deal."

The interview on Politicking with Larry King will air Thursday, but Secrets was given a sneak peek and transcript:

KING: What do you think about Senator Elizabeth Warren?

ORMAN: I tell ya, and I’ll go on record saying this, if she would run for president, against anybody, I-

KING: Including Hillary.

ORMAN: Including Hillary Clinton. I would vote for her hands down. She is the real deal. I think that woman- I couldn’t have enough good things to say about Elizabeth Warren.

KING: You think she’d challenge Hillary on primaries?

ORMAN: I don’t- she said she wasn’t going to run and she’s the type of person that doesn’t play, she doesn’t politicking, so when she says she’s not gonna run- but if she ran I think there would be a challenge there.

KING: Well, let’s say she doesn’t. What do you think of Hillary?

ORMAN: I love Hillary. Love Hillary.

KING: Well you must really love Warren.

ORMAN: I really love Warren. I love her. Because there’s never been a time that she’s ever done anything other than what she has said.

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