Monica Lewinsky commented on President Trump's alleged taping of private conversations on Friday, comparing it to her former co-worker's secretly recording their telephone conversations that would later lead to former President Bill Clinton's impeachment.

During a Twitter conversation between New York Times journalists Trip Gabriel and Michael Barbaro about Trump's saying he taped their phone calls with him, Lewinsky quipped that "taping [without] permission is becoming en vogue again."

"Personal anecdote: Candidate Trump once said he had taped a call with me, after disputing how he was quoted. I asked to [hear] it. Never did," Gabriel wrote.

"This happened to me as well. He always acted as if he was recording it," Barbaro added.

"hmmm. guess taping w/o permission is becoming en vogue again," Lewinsky commented, using the hashtag "#theclicksarentearrings."

Trump hinted in May that he might have recordings of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey after leaks about their private discussions to the press.

Trump said Friday he would soon reveal whether he has the alleged tapes.

"I'll tell you about it over a very short period of time," he said during an appearance in the Rose Garden.

Trump said he was "not hinting anything" when asked if he was suggesting that the recordings exist.

"You're going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer," he continued.