The Monopoly Man made a stop on Pennsylvania Avenue Wednesday, but not the property in the legendary board game.

An activist dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags, the mascot for the game Monopoly, attended a hearing Wednesday in the Senate on the massive Equifax data breach.

Appearing behind former CEO Richard Smith on live broadcasts of the hearing, the activist overshadowed the proceedings on social media by flaunting a tux, bowtie, and top hat while twirling a magnificent mustache.

She also at one point popped in a monocle -- an accountrement Rich Uncle Pennybags actually never sported.

Public Citizen, a left-leaning advocacy group, claimed credit for the stunt. The group delivered "get out of jail free" cards to senators during the week, to highlight corporations' use of forced abitration, or clauses in contracts that prevent consumers from engaging in class action lawsuits when they've been wronged.