A Montgomery County Council member is proposing a smoking ban on county-owned property.

The bill, by Councilwoman Nancy Floreen, D-at large, would ban smoking on all property owned or leased by Montgomery County.

The only exceptions would be for public right of ways and areas such as bus shelters and sidewalks, said County Council spokesman Neil Greenberger.

Floreen said she plans to introduce the bill Nov. 20, shortly after the 37th Great American Smokeout -- an annual event that urges smokers to quit.

Smoking already is not allowed inside county buildings, and Floreen said she wants to make sure that people are making healthy choices when outside on taxpayer land, as well. The ban would include the land outside of recreation centers and county buildings, for example.

"It doesn't serve anybody well for us to make it easier for [smokers] to make those choices on taxpayer land," she said.

She said the issue is close to her personally, because she is a survivor of breast cancer and has people close to her who suffer from the disease, as well.