A Fort Washington man is set to go on trial for home invasions in Montgomery County in 2012 that put residents in the area on edge.

Kevin Darnell Ray, 34, is charged in Montgomery County Circuit Court with armed robbery, attempted kidnapping, assault, sex offenses and other counts, court records show.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday, and the trial is expected to last about four days, according to a State's Attorney's Office spokesman.

The charges concern a home invasion in Wheaton in which a woman was robbed in her own garage, and another that took place in Bethesda a day later in which a housekeeper was sexually assaulted.

According to a charging document, on Jan. 10, 2012, a woman entered her garage in the 2900 block of McMahon Road in Wheaton with her child and tried unsuccessfully to close the garage door. Ray then allegedly walked into the garage and told the woman not to make any noise or he would shoot.

Ray told the woman that he needed her money. While brandishing a handgun, he ordered the woman to give him the money in her wallet, credit card and the keys to her vehicle, according to the document.

The woman did as her assailant asked, and Ray allegedly fled in the woman's 2009 Ford Escape.

The day after the robbery, Ray confronted a housekeeper who was trying to exit a home in the 9200 block of Bardon Lane that she had cleaned.

Ray grabbed the housekeeper, put a gun to her head and forced her inside the residence, the charging document alleges.

Once inside the home, he forced the housekeeper into a bedroom with the homeowner and the homeowner's young son. Ray got the homeowner to tell him where her credit cards were, and he sexually assaulted the housekeeper in a bathroom, according to court papers. He then fled in the housekeeper's 2005 Ford Expedition.

Ray used the stolen credit cards on the same days that he committed the home invasions. He was identified as the suspect in these incidents after investigators obtained surveillance footage of the credit card transactions.

In addition to the charges in Montgomery County, Ray has been charged in connection to an armed break-in and sexual assault that occurred in Temple Hills the same week as the Montgomery County home invasions. That case is still pending, according to court records.