Montgomery County is no longer considering itself as a candidate for the FBI headquarters.

County spokesman Patrick Lacefield said the county never entered a formal bid for the process, but after reviewing the requirements from the federal government on where the FBI could be located, decided not to formally pursue a bid.

The FBI is looking to move out of its current headquarters in the J. Edgar Hoover Building along Pennsylvania Avenue in the District. A Senate committee has stipulated the site should be no more than two miles from a Metro station, 2.5 miles from the Capital Beltway and between 40-55 acres.

"Because the land around our Metro stations is much more developed than in other places, we didn't really have anything that was sort of competitive on the project," Lacefield said.

The county instead will support Prince George's County's bid of the area surrounding the Greenbelt Metro station.

If the requirements change that would make one of Montgomery's properties a more viable option, Lacefield said the county might reconsider.

The FBI has received 35 proposals for the new headquarters. A House hearing on the bidding scheduled for Wednesday was canceled because of the winter storm forecast.