Montgomery County police officers tried their hands at the restaurant business recently when they served food at Red Robin in Germantown to raise money for Special Olympics Maryland.

"It's a way to see someone in uniform being active in the community," said Capt. Paul Starks, the department's public information director. "This [event] was done in about 8 locations in the state of Maryland, and the Montgomery County location actually grossed the largest amount with more than $4,200."

Montgomery County officers were joined by officers from Gaithersburg and Rockville police departments as they worked late into the night to try to gain special tips at the Oct. 13 event, called "Tip A Cop." Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger was at the event for almost two hours, as well.

"Everybody was there in uniform, and it's something different for them to do," Starks said. "Many times when police are involved with the community, its not a happy time, but this is a chance for some barriers to be broken down and some relationships to be established for the future. It's a positive encounter between law enforcement and citizens."