Think of the last movie you saw (besides Sharknado). If it wasn't about aliens or romance, chances are the villain was some kind of corporate fat cat. Now remember the Obama administration's seeming "war on business" with its onerous regulations and choosing of winners and losers in different industries.

Well, despite businesses being portrayed by Hollywood and the Obama administration as greedy, crooked or in need of government control, more American people believe that politicians and the media are corrupt than think businesses are corrupt, according to Transparency International.

Three out of four (76 percent) of Americans believe that U.S. political parties are corrupt. Sixty-one percent believe the same of Congress, and 55 percent believe that politicians and bureaucrats are corrupt. Fifty-eight percent feel this way about the media.

Slightly fewer (53 percent) Americans said that businesses are corrupt. The military and non-governmental organizations were viewed as the least corrupt (just 30 percent for either).

TI surveyed over 114,000 people in 107 countries about their views on corruption in their own country. Political parties far surpassed all other choices in views of most corrupt, with 51 out of the 107 countries surveyed labeling it as their top choice. North America, most of South America and Europe, India and Australia all listed political parties as the most corrupt.

Global results take a shift from American thoughts on corruption after that, however. Legislature and public officials are each listed by 7 countries as the most corrupt, while only 4 countries list the media as the most corrupt and only 3 list business.

Thirty-six of the 107 countries surveyed, mostly in east Africa and southeast Asia, say that the police are the most corrupt. Twenty countries, mostly in eastern Europe, list their judicial systems as the most corrupt.