You won’t read this in MSNBC’s write up of their own poll, but a plurality of Americans would prefer that Congress, not President Obama take the lead role in setting policy for the nation.

Asked, “Who do you want to see take the lead role in setting policy for the country––Barack Obama or the Congress?” only 40 percent of Americans chose Obama compared to 46 percent who chose Congress.

And that is not the only bad news for Obama that MSNBC forget to tell their audience.

A majority of Americans, 53 percent, still believe the nation is on “off on the wrong track.” Sixty-four percent of Americans believe the United States is “in an economic recession.” Only 9 percent rank 2012, a year when Obama secured power, as even an “above-average” year. Meanwhile 64 percent rank 2012 as either “below-average” or “one of the worst” years ever.

And American do not expect anything to get any better under Obama’s leadership.

Only 38 percent believe the economy will get better while 61 percent believe it will either stay the same or get worse. And only 40 percent of Americans are confident Obama “has the right set of goals and policies to improve the economy” while 60 percent of Americans are “only somewhat confident” or “not confident at all.”