The dream is gone for Democrats, the American Dream that is.

In a new YouGov poll, 53 percent of Democrats say that the American dream is no longer achievable. By comparison, 55 percent of Republicans say the dream is still achievable. By the same percentage, 27 percent, Republicans think the dream is not achievable and Democrats do think it is.

But when combined in a single question about the American Dream, the poll finds that the dream is slipping away in the minds of most Americans.

When asked 'Do you think that the American Dream has become impossible for most people to achieve?' Americans are split: 41 percent said it is impossible for most to achieve and 38 percent said it is still possible.

Yet while Americans are down on the American Dream, they still believe that hard work can help anybody succeed.

Some 63 agreed with the statement, "Anyone with talent who is willing to work hard and put the effort in can have a successful career and rise to the top, regardless of their background," said YouGov. And only 23 percent agreed with the other side of the coin: "Success in America today is mostly reserved for those from privileged backgrounds who know the right people; talented people from poor backgrounds don't have a chance."

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