Another round of women are claiming that federal judge Alex Kozinski of sexual misconduct, raising the total of accusers to at least 15.

The Washington Post reported Friday that several women have come forward to say that Kozinski kissed them on the lips uninvited, touched their breasts, and made inappropriate comments to them.

The claims come over the course of decades, dating back to the 1980s.

"Many of the things that are being said about me are simply not true, but I deeply regret that my unusual sense of humor caused offense or made anyone uncomfortable," Kozinski said through a lawyer, according to the report. "I have always treated my male and female law clerks the same.”

The 2nd Circuit judicial council was appointed by the chief judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to investigate the claims.

One woman, a former U.S. Court of Federal Claims judge, said that Kozinski in the mid-1980s asked her if she would have sex with him in a motel while the two were driving back from an event together. After she declined, he touched her breasts, she said.

A University of California Irvine law professor claimed that he pinched her at a dinner event this year and told her that he had just had sex with his wife. She also said that he told her that she would be "happy to know it still works."