President Obama may be in the White House for another four years, but it appears a smaller and smaller number of Americans seem to care. Tuesday night, in what was billed as possibly the most important speech of his second term, Obama detailed and ambitiously liberal second term agenda and dared Republican to oppose him. Problem is, few Americans watched.

According to Nielsen ratings, just 33 million people tuned into to see Obama’s State of the Union this week. That is 4 million fewer viewers than tuned in last year and the lowest number of Obama’s entire presidency. In fact, fewer Americans watched Obama’s speech Tuesday night than any State of the Union since President Clinton’s swan song in 2000.

The only real winner Tuesday night was CNN who helped turn their mammoth pre-SOTU Chris Dorner audience into a 36 percent jump in total viewers over last year’s SOTU. Did the Dorner lead in inflate Obama’s speech totals as more American’s stayed on to watch the State of the Union, or did CNN simply steal eyeballs from the broadcast networks who all saw steep ratings declines?

We won’t know until next year, but Obama’s troubles selling his second term agenda continued today when it was reveled the pre-school he had chosen to sell his new education spending plan was closed for spring break. School administrators were forced to call parents hoping to find volunteers willing to bring their kids as props so Obama would not have to tour an empty school.

“This may make College Heights the only school where students ever volunteered to attend class while on vacation,” WSB radio reports. Now if only Obama could get more Americans to volunteer to listen to him.

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