President Obama will deliver a speech today that Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, predicts will be widely ignored. The chief executive will say the same things he’s been saying throughout his career – the country needs more federal programs, regulation, taxes and spending.

That, of course, is why a couple of days from now, it is likely hardly anybody outside of the White House and the mediasphere will remember what the president said in today’s oration.

A path for the GOP

Even so, Lee sees value in the Obama speech because, as he explains in an exclusive oped in the Washington Examiner today, “the argument the president is going to make – that bigger government is the only thing that can protect the middle class from our unfair economy – is precisely the argument Republicans are going to have to refute if we ever hope to rebuild a national majority.”

Lee suggests the GOP should pursue what might be termed the “three crises strategy” – anchoring the party’s messaging in the future to what the Utah Republican calls the crises of “upward mobility,” “cronyism” and “the middle class.”

All three are about equality and fairness, and all three are the result of decades of failure for the very approach in which Lee expects Obama will today encourage Americans to persevere.

Libertarian populism for what ails us

But Lee’s prescription for how the GOP should respond to Obama is a rather positive application of the libertarian populism that animates so much of the party’s base, plus a strong dose of appreciation of traditional American community.

And that’s why the Utah senator’s oped – which you can read here – just might prove to be more memorable than anything Obama will say today from the presidential podium.

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